New Study Proves That Marijuana Increases Brain Cell Formation


How many times have you been hit with the usual jargon about how bad marijuana is for the brain, and how stupid you are going to become if you smoke it.

Yet, some of the most creative minds of our time attribute their unconventional thinking to the effects of this beautiful herb. So does it make you stupid, or does it actually INCREASE innovation?

Well according to a study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, the effects of marijuana on the brain are everything but detrimental. Let me explain. 

Professor Xia Zhang and some of his colleagues at Saskatchewan University decided to test a synthetic form of THC (HU210) on a group of test rats to observe the effects the drug has on neurogenesis (brain cell formation and generation). They gave these rats HIGH DOSES of the THC-like compound twice a day, everyday for a period of ten days to get a good idea of THC’s effects on brain cells.

It turns out, this synthetic THC-like compound actually INCREASED the rate of brain cell formation in the hippocampus (neurogenesis) by a whopping FORTY PERCENT!

Not only did the rate of brain cell formation INCREASE, but the rats also appeared to be less susceptible to observable symptoms of anxiety and depression. The hippocampus is the area of a mammals brain that controls memory, learning, anxiety and depression. So it makes sense that increased brain cell formation in this area of the brain would prove to be beneficial for people suffering from problems associated with these brain functions.

Meanwhile, when you compare these POSITIVE neurological effects of marijuana with the neurological effects of other LEGAL recreational drugs such as nicotine and alcohol, you find that nicotine and alcohol actually DECREASE brain cell formation.

As an activist for legalizing marijuana, it is becoming a bit infuriating to see that such break-through discoveries are being ignored by the medical and legislative communities! Especially when you consider the countless detrimental effects of cigarettes and alcohol, which are sold freely in every store you can find.

This discovery actually explains why some of the most creative minds of our time have attributed their innovation to the effects of marijuana. With every new brain cell that is formed, comes the possibility of a new and interesting thought process, that can break the boundaries of what an individual was previously capable of.

The universities’ findings on the anti-anxiety qualities of THC also explain the peaceful nature of marijuana smokers, and now it is not so hard to understand why marijuana smokers have a “no worries” kind of outlook on life.

Now take a moment to think about how wonderful this plant really is! It is capable of providing clothing (hemp is the strongest fiber in the world), it provides nutrition (cannabis seeds contain the most concentrated nutrients found in any food)! It’s “main ingredient” THC has even been proven to be anti-carcinogenic, eliminating lymphatic tumors in test rats within two weeks.

On top of all of these wonderful benefits, it has now been SCIENTIFICALLY CONFIRMED that it indeed does increase creativity, reduce depression and anxiety, and promote peace.

No wonder half of the population smokes it even though it is still illegal.

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Lynn says

I agree with Student—results of this study are extremely limited, and overly misrepresented, especially as study was done with synthetic compounds, and study subjects were not humans. Highly compromises credibility.

Student says

I am not discounting the results of this study, but you grossly over representing its findings. I have looked over the study and come to these conclusions: The synthetic THC used is 100 times more potent than any recreational variant available, the hippocampus does not control memory, learning, anxiety, and depression; hippocampi are involved in these processes along with many other areas of the brain, Zhang is also quoted as saying “while the plant may contain medicinal compounds, they come in the same package as those that cause symptoms such as acute memory impairment, addiction, and withdrawal (2005).

I am all for legalizing marijuana, but please do not misrepresent it as those who wish to keep it illegal will use these kinds of unqualified overstatements as ammunition.

P.S. please provide a link to your source when possible –

Alexander says

Indeed, I think there should be many more studies in order to prove the true effects of marijuana. And I don’t see how it’d be hard to find willing human subjects if half the population smokes anyway. Hell, sign me up now!

Tr3D says

Koen, much more has been proven that marijuana kills cancer cells and other things thought to not have a cure.

Is it really that hard to believe?

Doobie doobie says

Haters will hate , rats have 98% of our DNA , so it is the same shit , just take it , weed is good and thats how it is.

joshua says

i am doing a research project for psychology, could you send me your sources of the infomation you stated, you never cited them, hopefully there peer reviewed

Brian Camarena says

Can we get links to research references?

Koen says

I’m not against the use of marijuana, but we have to be a bit more reserved here. One study does not ‘prove’ anything in science. Especially since this research has been done on rats, which doesn’t automatically means the same thing holds true for humans. I do hope that this means that more studies will be done to confirm these findings, and that they will try to repeat this on humans.

Humberto says

What about test in humans? I ask this because I questioned myself… And this doubt is essential for a debate: “rats, ok? But what about humans?”

It would be very cool if this post received an Update… Because it would be together with the others important informations. But thank you for the info *_*

I`ve bem full of good and peaceful ideas everyday, but I also have dark thoughts about the future of humanity.

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