Marijuana Ice Cream Recipe

2949951695_1d081aeaf5Who can resist the comfort of an ice cream, more so, when it was added with the twist of marijuana?
With this delectable piece, you will surely hit the kitchen and start creating your concoction. Consuming the drug in this form will surely remove you worries of the smoke that you probably are getting irritated at. And for those who have not tried cannabis, this would probably push you to taste some. Enjoy your first experience with Mary Jane with this marijuana ice cream recipe.

25 grams of butter
18 fluid ounces of single cream
75 grams of sugar
A pinch of salt
¼ ounce crumbled hash or 10 grams crushed bud
15 ounces of bananas (peeled)
3 tablespoons of rum
5 tablespoons of honey

•Heat the cream in a saucepan until before it boils.
•In another saucepan melt the butter together with the sugar and salt.
•Heat the hash with a flame and add it into the melted butter and stir.
•Whisk the cream with the butter.
•Put the bananas into a large bowl and mash them completely.
•Add in the cream, rum and honey. You can add other ingredients as you wish. You can try chocolate chips, nuts etc.
•Mix all the ingredients perfectly and after this pour them all into a chilled shallow plastic container.
•Cover the container and chill for a few hours until the desired texture is formed.
•If a mushy consistency is attained, transfer the mixture into a chilled bowl and whisk away until it smoothens.
•Return the mixture to its covered container and chill until firm.
•Serve and enjoy.

This recipe is ideal to serve six marijuana ice creams. Have fun creating a new dessert for your whole posse with this incredible marijuana ice cream recipe. Share it with your friends as well and have a pot luck full or marijuana delicacies.

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Jessica says

What do I do if I don’t have hash and don’t know how to make it? Do I leave the bud in? Does it dissolve? Will I be chewing pieces of marijuana in my ice cream? I would really like to make this, if someone can tell me how to do it with the bud and not the hash, I’d really appreciate it.

Hashman says

10g of crushed bud will do absolutely nothing. Stick with the hash. Also 1/4 oz of quality hash is wayyyy too much for ice cream. You’re looking to get about a .1 in each scoop so if you plan to make a quart of ice cream don’t use more than 2 grams of hash

DrMadGreen says

4:20 – 2012 Trying this out for the first time, its in the freezer right now. MMMP Member. Hoping this does the trick.

Mr. obvious says

leave the bud in. in theory 7 grams of hash should be much more potent than 10 grams of the same bud the hash was made of. But considering how easy it is to cut hash, id expect atleast 40% potency loss vs. homemade. Morale? do this shit yourself.

use ur own hash, it will almostst completly dissolve in the butter, and the affects can be quite stunning XD

Mr. E says

@Agent lead You can extract using alcohol… Much more tricky and time consuming but manageable.

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