Marijuana Brownie Recipe

Want a great way to experience the benefits of medical marijuana without smoking while eating

goodies? Find out with our marijuana brownie recipe!

There are numerous reasons to try consuming medical marijuana through edibles. Possibly due to your specific medical needs, the benefit of not smoking, a great solution of being discreet and longer lasting effects.

There are hundreds of marijuana brownie recipe available for reference, but we’ve put together a simple recipe that will sure keep you entertained and medicated for HOURS to come!

Some key things before you start…
– THC is transformed through heat and binds wonderfully to fat. Sugar helps increase potency, but do not over-boil your flower (marijuana) or you will end up wasting a lot of the benefits.
– Low heat is to be used, do not go over 300*F or you will risk killing whatever THC you are attempting to extract and have nothing.
– The effects when ingesting cannabis tend to take at least 1 hour to ‘set in’ or sometimes longer.

**DO NOT** over-consume a product containing THC, you WILL feel the effects soon enough and likely fall

Simple Cannabutter:
– Use a double boiler (if possible) on low simmer when creating your cannabutter.
– Melt 1 stick butter together with 7 grams of coarsley ground cannabis for 45 minutes.
– Strain into bowl and wait for butter/water seperation.
– Use the butter only for cooking as THC would have be absorbed into butter).

Marijuana Brownie Recipe:
– Purchase a brownie mix utilizing butter is easiest.
– Follow brownie mix steps.
– Use your cannabutter instead of regular butter.
– Bake at most temperature of 300*F.

Enjoy =)

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I bet it taste just as good as having sex with Justin…
Life is nothing like box of chocolates…

Jan says

Where do you find cannabutter?

Mohamed Himelstein says

Thanks for your personal marvelous posting!

revalutionary says

I am about to harvest a beautiful sour diesel plant and I wanted to kwow if I can use the leaves and waste to make canibutter or do I have to use the buds to acquire the thc

Justin says

If you’re not using trimmings, middies are the best thing in my opinion. I make cookies (with butter) every year, and use approx .5g in every cookie, sell em for 5 bucks a pop and turn $200 for every oz i use.

Nuphile says

Bottom line is, the better the product, the better the butter. However, I don’t see any reason to not use regs for butter. It may just not be as strong. What you can do is, just use more cannabis in you butter.
I used Afghan trimmings for mine (sunleaves and inner trimmings). I used 1 oz. of trimming per 1/4 lb. (1 stick) of butter. I let it simmer on as low as heat as possible for a long time though (~22 hours). The butter reduced by about half, which I didn’t quite expect, but the product is so strong that I will have to sub about 1/2 regular butter in the recipe. I tried just a little bit on toast, and was uncomfortably high for about 6 hours, 12 hours altogether.
If I were to do it again, I don’t think I would simmer it for as long. But we live and learn, right?

Green Daze says

I don’t feel like blowing bank. Can regs/mids work just as well?

Nick Blaze says

It is best to pre-mix a cannabutter recipe, then add the cannabutter in with the brownies as it requires for the recipe.

Lenny says

I tried to do bake cannabis brownies recently but absolutely ruined them! Having now read this post I see why you make the cannabis into butter first then use that – absolutely genius.

Do you actually put straight weed in the butter just grind it up?

Paul Lethons says

I lately came across your blog and have been learning along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don

Nick Blaze says

If you use a vaporizer, saving and re-using that same marijuana will bring effects, and you are not wasting any product.

Brownies are great to eat, especially when they are medicated. Definitely worth trying and just finding a brownie mix that uses butter, then mixing in your cannabutter as a substitute i’ve found works best.

Nick Blaze says

Hope you enjoyed the spacecakes 😉

TheStonedAge says

These look awsome. Birthday party on friday and got my friends sister making us a big batch of spacecakes. And apparently a dirtbar milkshake 🙂

Justin says

These sound awesome, but im just scared to waste all that pot incase something goes wrong in making it for the first time. I so want to try them. Ive tried cookies and they were not the best, but ive had Budder Bars and they are AMAZING!!!!

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