How to Hide Smell of Marijuana

Are you in search of a good way to hide smell of marijuana? Though this flower contains a strong aroma that is unique to the plant, there is times that discretion is needed. Two possible instances where you might need to mask the smell of the actual marijuana flower is for storage or after the cannabis has been smoked.

How to hide smell of marijuana in storage:

– A simple vacuum sealer for your marijuana works really well, while also maintaining the potency, and helping you buds last longer. If you are still unsure, try a double vacuum sealed bag with a dry sheet in between to eliminate any lingering odor.

– A glass jar or Tupperware container are alternative solutions to a vacuum sealed setup. The aroma will have a hard time escaping from these sealed containers and are quite effective.

How to hide smell of marijuana that has just been smoked:

– Purchase a vaporizer that has low odor.

– Construct a activated charcoal filter where the expended marijuana smoke may be exhaled into.

– Light up some nice smelling incense in the room (Nang Champa incense is a all-time favorite).

– Use some air freshener in the room (Ona works wonders).

– Open a window or door for a while and let the room air out. This is particularly effective if it is windy outside.

So here you have it. A few helpful tips to help you hide the smell of marijuana. Please share your ideas below!

Happy medicating!

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Nick Blaze says

@Activated, thanks for the tip! Checked out and that activated charcoal would definitely help.

AcTiVaTeD says

I have several Gonzo Bags. They are by far the best way to conceal the odor of stored marijuana. Activated charcoal in the bags absorbs even the strongest odors and prevents odor leaching for months. These bags are the only products that I have found that are truly canine proof

tomp says

Thanks for the tproll tip. this is just what I’ve been looking for, I have very nosey neighbors.

ching-ching chong says

stuff it all the way up you ass almost to where it touches your collin(: this works for me every time, and when you take it out the smell of ass is very minimal and usually non tastable

CW says

You can get an air freshner called “Chroinc Orange” at most headshops. One tiny spritz and it’s like a citrus bomb went off in the room. Specially designed to eliminate the smell of that sweet dank.

69420 says

Make a “sploof”
Just stuff some dryer sheets into a Tp tube or some sort of tube that has holes on both ends and blow your tokes out through that.Works really well when shmoking inside houses hah

david tamminen says

does putting marijuana in a bag of coffee cover the smell?

Ruthie De Hoag says

I have a good one. Put a few of your favorite fabric softener sheets in an empty toilet paper roll. Take a hit and blow/exhale through the tube. You will have almost no smell. It might also take a moment to get used to a controlled exhale.

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