Cannabutter Recipe

cannabutterPreparing of CannaButter is a recipe which will win with everyone, a great solution to those who cannot medicate with cannabis through smoking. This is something that can be used with various food items to still provide the needed relief to a medical marijuana patient. Okay, factually speaking it is very simple to create! Because if you want to use cannabis which need not be wasted.
From the proper use of this recipe one can get maximum cannabutter with quality as well. Therefore, let’s start by catalog of the materials you need to make cannabutter.

Important: When using Fats and water together, have a inclination of your ‘work-space’ being very hot-tempered and cautious to not burn your arms, appropriate clothing will be very essential. So please use oven gloves and long sleeves to stay away from accidental burning.

Materials to Be Used:

–    A sturdy grinder to grind the Cannabis material.
–    Stove to heat up the ingredients.
–    A medium stainless steel sauce pan with lid. Size of pan is to be same as the stove heating element for the even allocation of heat.
–    A measuring cup.
–    A whisk or a large fork to mix the material with the water/butter solution in the pot.
–    Cheese cloth to strain the material before cooling.
–    A bowl large enough to hold and cool the CannaButter material.
–    A space in your refrigerator to chill and take apart the water from butter.
–    Heavy duty saran wrap to handle and pack together the CannaButter into a smaller, easier to handle shape.
–    A freezable container to store the material.
–    A space in your freezer to store the finished product.

Please be assured to have above mentioned items and marshal these items in an easy and accessible manner for immediate use during and at the closing stages of cannabutter making process.

Note: To make a strong CannaButter you will require adjusting the quantity of Cannabis you bring into play in accordance with the potency of butter you would like. It is not compulsory to make weak CannaButter or reduce the Cannabis Butter percentage as you may feel “no effect” after you’ve tried the butter.
This recipe will make about 350g of medium strength CannaButter. Mind it that while combining the ingredients there will be a miniature loss.

–    1lbs of unsalted butter.
–    3cups of water.
–    1 ounce of premium, middle or high grade Cannabis (trimmings are okay, but not as strong). The higher you go in quality of product, the better butter it will be.

Well, now let’s cook!

To Prepare:

Start by grinding the cannabis stuff very fine. Grind the cannabis material very finely by making it coarse and separated. You have to use a grinder after very keen cleaning if you don’t have a dedicated grinder for cannabis grinding. It’s very important to have good cannabis for use.


Place three cups of water to a covered boil. Put your butter in the boiling water and let it melt in the water. Heat is to be reduced to very low setting, once the butter is melted so when covered, the cannabutter will simmer gently. Now cannabis material is to be added to water and butter solution. After adding cannabis trim, keep mixing it along with fluffing it up into pan constantly so that the whole material does not stick to the bottom and there are no clusters.  After making sure that there are no clusters position the lid on the pan and keep heat on minimum temperature.
Now it’s time to cook and let cannabutter simmer gently for 1-2 hours. This much time is very important and it should not cook for more than 3 hours.

After 1-2 hours have passed, THC will be combined with the melted butter.
During these 1-2 hours you are suppose to check cannabutter with intervals. To ensure proper heat temperature remains and not to boil the ingredients, this can trim down the butter excessively.

After above mentioned period of time, now you have to turn the heat off. Then let the solution sit for 2-4 minutes and remove it from the heat.
As mentioned earlier as well, proper cloths usage is very important at this stage.

Now it’s ready to get extracted. Place the cheese cloth over an open bowl and ensure that when the liquid is poured through the cheese cloth will not go with it. The idea here is to strain the solution using the cheese cloth so that you will not have bits of cannabis in the solution. Most of the THC is extracted by now. Once the solution has been strained through the cheese cloth and the material collected, you will have a solution in a bowl and cheese cloth full of soggy Cannabis material.

Extract as much as you can of the solution from the cheese cloth.
Solution must be removed as much as possible in the bowl.

Now put the bowl of cannabutter solution in your refrigerator, at that place which was keep for cannabutter and keep it there for a few hours. As this cooling process is taking place keep a check on the progress and let it be there for the separation of fats from the water to be maximum.
Now you will be removing your butter from the bowl. As butter is solid now so it is recommended that you use heavy duty plastic wrap for it. Collect as much solid cannabutter material from the bowl and drain the excess water (it should look gritty and dirty). Remove surplus of water by patting dry the cannabutter. Now form cannabutter with the help of plastic wrap in a better size to get compressed. Store it in an airtight and freezable container.

The point of getting butter to freeze here is that it never loses its potency, so it can be used or kept for longer time. So it’s clear that melting will take place quickly once it’s warmed. Now it’s ready for you to enjoy!
Use of canna butter can be in things like to bake muffins, cookie and brownies. Keep in mind that when you want to have a lick of canna butter, don’t just cook it, bake it a bit and it’s as good as it was at the time of cooking.

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Nick Blaze says

@dean, nice idea! Like a double-boiler – that sounds like it would work well without messing up a cooking pot as much!

dean says

discovered and tried new melting infusion method: we have an oval crockpot and place a glass small bowl within. Herb/ butter in the bowl and some warm water in crock, but below bowl rim.
turn crock on keep warm,. strirring herb mixture occasionally. since steady temp occurs- can begin before sleep and when wakeup is done or wait and infuse for 8 to 12 hours…. works great, made cookies medicinal yesterday…lol…

LOLO says


Every oil has their own smoke temperature. That mean that at 350 the butter will burn. In order to increase the butter temperature you will need to use another type of fat combined with the butter. Canola oil can increase temperature up to 400 F. If your hypothesis are correct you can use 3;1 combination butter:oil to achieve what you are expecting

Homer10 says

Thanks minecraft. The secret is to not use water at all, and get the butter up to around 300 degrees. Use a good thermometer, and watch the batch carefully. A note to everybody. More research is needed. My feeling is that different temperatures will yeald different highs. I have found that a lower temp makes a slow mild high that is light and airy, a very mental high. A high temperature yealds a high that comes on fast and is a heavy drunkin sort of high that lasts a very long time sometimes days. There needs to be some research into lower temperatures 250 – 300 degrees, and higher temperatures 320 – 350 degrees. I wouldn’t go past 350 degrees, but maybe there is a safe way to do that.

minecraft says

Great job on the blog, I really enjoy reading it. I especially enjoyed this recipe for cannabutter. I’ve smoked marijuana for the past 6 years but was recently diagnosed with a rare lung disease that took part of my lung and cannot smoke anymore. (smoking weed had nothing to do with my lung condition, its a genetic disease just for your information) Any who I tried making my own cannabutter but the most I got out of it was a tingling sensation in my feet and the giggles for about 5 minutes.
This recipe sounds much more promising and has much more detail than any other recipe I have found so far and I am very eager to try it!
Thanks for the info!!

Homer10 says


Well Marje has been making cookies, and Wholey Macaroli these cookies are totally insane. I can only eat 1/2 a cookie, and yeowie Zowie. Definitely the temperature makes a huge difference. Keep the temp below 250F, and cook for a long time for a light airy high that lasts a day. Get it up to 320F, and you get a strong drunken sort of high. Good pain reliefe, long lasting, but way zomby woof. A lower temp gets a more functional high, but not as good of pain reliefe. These cookies are rocking!

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