Cannabis Seed Growing – Part 5

cannabis-seed-growing-pt5The seeds have been in their rockwool cubes for just over 2 days now and overnight all 6 seeds have poked through and are at various stages of growth.  Some are growing more vigorous than others with the OG breaking through the rockwool first.  All 3 of these seedlings have shown different growth rates with 1 being tall and the other 2 growing slower.

The MK are more steady and uniform at this stage with all 3 seedlings around the same height and are having the same steady growth rate. All 6 seedlings have developed their smooth cotyledon seed leaves and a few of the faster growing seedlings are starting to develop their true serrated leaves.

As the fluorescent lights give out very low heat, the lights are placed 6″ above sprouted seedlings, and the temperatures are being monitored especially at night as that is when they seem to dip down as winter is approaching and the nights are getting colder.  The thermometer that is being used is digital and records the low and the high as well as the humidity range of the 24 hours.  They have been staying between 72 – 76 degrees which is fairly ideal.

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joey chronic says

The humidity dome comes off once the clones have a well developed root structure.

stu says

when does the dome top come off?

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