Cannabis Myths and Facts

There are numerous myths and facts about Marijuana. Since this drug that has been in use since prehistoric times, it is good to learn what is factual and what elements are false pertaining to Marijuana. In the past it was used for recreational, as well as medical purposes. There are different types of Marijuana and their side effects vary.

For example, in the 20th century its uses have expanded to incorporate religious and spiritual activities along with the recreational and medical ones. Marijuana is an herb, known as Cannabis , which consists of 2 forms: resinous (Hashish) and herbal that can be implemented in the preparation of the drug.  Tetrahydrocannabinol is the part of a Cannabis plant that is used primarily for medical purposes.

Among the myths and facts about Marijuana, one should be educated on the factual information. Its uses are not as negative as one might think. For example, Marijuana will not cause permanent or prolonged mental damage. In fact, if Marijuana is eaten it will cause a temporary condition related to toxic psychosis.

A very few percentage of Americans  become addicted to Marijuana, usually less than 1%, including those persons who are heavy users.  After continued use of Marijuana, there are no signs of withdrawal. Marijuana has remained unchanged throughout the years, however the samples that the Drug Enforcement Administration generally seize are not representative of marijuana that is commonly used by most individuals today. Usually approximately 85% of marijuana wrongdoers are arrested sometime throughout their lives for possession of this substance.

Marijuana is not known to be a cause of lung cancer, as is regular tobacco smoking. It is used for medical problems, such as the nausea thus related to chemotherapy. It is frequently used to lessen the spasticity in muscles in those individuals suffering from ailments relating to neurological problems. Marijuana is not a gateway drug and does not necessarily lead to harsher  drugs. It has no influences or significance with the work or study habits of individuals taking the drug.

Many falsehoods pertaining to the myths and facts about Marijuana have mislead individuals throughout the years. One such common myth is that marijuana leads to permanent mental damage with even small amounts of this drug. Another such myth is that marijuana is highly addictive. Still another untruth is that marijuana is more potent today than it has been in the past years, such as what was found in the 196o’s. Another statement about those individuals who so break the laws relating to the use of marijuana and are not arrested is a false hood.

Some think that the use of marijuana relates to diseases, such as lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema, of course this is not true, when  backed up by medical data. Marijuana contains a psychoactive ingredient, and is considered to be a “gateway” drug which is another misleading statement about marijuana. Many people are led to believe that marijuana decreases an individual’s work or study productivity , which is not the case.

In conclusion, it is imperative that people learn the difference between the myths and facts about Marijuana, to be better informed about this drug  and its consequences.

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endica420 says

Chris the article means it is not physically addicting. You cant experience withdraw. However you can become mentally addicted to it. People can become addicted to anything.

ChrisGabj says

I feel the need to corect you on your comment about canabis not being addictive…..
I am a very heavy toker ( 8th of the finest top quallity bud every night ) , i smoke through bongs ( Weed Star Mad Professor 5mm ) and i am very addicted to THC and im not the only one , i know at least two others that are also addicted to Cannabis. Iv been a toker since i was 17, im now 32.

CANNABIS IS ADDICTIVE…. but only when smoked in large quantities.

Most tokers will not get addicted to it because they dont smoke enough of it to get addicted.

You must bear in mind that anything that gives you any sort of pleasure can become addictive, so to say that cannabis is not addictive is simply rong.

Mikhail says

@Luc Cole

We can’t “know” marijuana was used since prehistoric times, any more than we can “know” anything in science (Science can only prove things wrong and suggest truths with varying degrees of confidence, but never absolute confidence). But there is compelling archaeological and biological evidence. Neuroscientists discovered that our brain already has THC receptors, and produces a natural chemical that binds to these sites. Whether these receptors developed in our ancestors due to cannabis use is debatable. But, the use of cannabis by indigenous tribes relatively unexposed to technology points to possible evolutionary reasons for the receptors existence. Many of them use cannabis before or during hunting, a long, laborious and ultimately boring activity. Anyone who smokes knows these type of activities are much more enjoyable while intoxicated.

Luc Cole says

I hate to be the spoiler here, but there are some things that have to be cleared up when it comes to the potency of marijuana.

Here’s the scoop: we have records of medicinal marijuana use dating back as far as five thousand years ago. The whole notion that marijuana has suddenly gotten drastically stronger within the past twenty years (which doesn’t even account for 1% of marijuana’s agricultural history) is absolutely ridiculous.

Now, with that said, technology has improved to the point that we can more effectively manipulate the growing conditions of our crops, thereby leading to a higher THC content in some yields. But between thousands of years of history, the development of traditional growing methods, proper natural climates and a weaker DEA, the marijuana in the 60’s and 70’s was just as strong as all of this Cali stuff we’re getting today.

P.S. How exactly can you know that marijuana was used since prehistoric times if we have no historical record of it being used?

unknown says

I think thaat this is a great article because the government mainly seems to try to use scare tactics to discourage people form doing something mainly because they have not found a way of making money form it so, if a person takes this information as facts above the so many other articles is up to an individual at the end of the day but there is a lot of great information here, now for this A-town person that committed, who are you meaning do you hold a degree or done any kind of studies to back with your say more thank likely not, going by what you wrote you read another article about it, so whats makes the article you read more so true than this one , a big problem is that people are so quick to trust things they read hence how the scare tactic is so proficient, its one think to give your thoughts but another to claim something is not true if you cant back it up with your personal research data showing how you came to your conclusion , i can read hundreds of article all different on each but im not going to turn around and say because i read otherwise one article is not true.

Madman54 says

I know this thing is a couple months old, but weed is not bad at all, I play sports and all that, and it hasnt affected me negatively at all, it actually affected me positively, Ive had changes in my attitude and everything, weed should be legalized, it could bring world peace, as said before by Oliver bush ‘it’s gods gift to earth’

son-of-a doctor :D says

A-town you tom, you are not a heavy user! i doubt you smoke at all and you are definatly not an expert. your post is simply not reliable information. Its “mentally addictive” is it?! what does that mean..?? tell me, is it less or more addictive than playing cod on the xbox, watching your favourite tv show, or your favourite beverage? good man! On to your other point, the pesticides on the tobacco you may use are the cause of your lung-related illnesses, in fact cannabis has been proven to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Dr. Donald Tashkin, youtube it. so why did you bother posting here? you work for the government right?
anyway I like the site, hate dumb ass/feds!

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